St. George's Day

St. George's Day is a national holiday celebrated on 23 April. It is a great way to enjoy or learn about some of England's customs and traditions and to think about knights, castles and dragons.

St George (famous for slaying the dragon) is the patron saint of England. He was a Roman soldier who protested against the Roman torture of Christians and was killed for his beliefs. He is most famous for the story of his fight against the dragon:

St George's Day Story

Here are some suggested activities for this week:

  • Wooden Spoon Dragon Craft
  • Colouring in sheets - St George
  • Create your own ‘Coats of Armour’   
  • Split pin knight
  • Junk modelling - create a castle
  • ICT - Research different castles
  • Draw and paint a life sized Knight using wallpaper
  • Design and create a dragon’s egg
  • Biscuit baking with a flag design
  • Bake scones and eat with lots of jam
  • Retell the story – a word mat has been included below to help you



Design a Dragon sheets

Design Your Own Personal Coat Of Arms

Split Pin Knight

St George's Day Colouring In Sheets

St George's Day - Word Mat

The Mystery of the Missing Sword Maths Mystery Game

Writing Opportunities


Phonics - Phase 2 Mosaic

Phonics - Phase 3 Mosaic

Phonics - Phase 4 Mosaic

Phonics - Phase 5 Mosaic