Federation of Boldmere Schools


Boldmere Pledge


Home School Agreement


Overarching Curriculum Design Statement


‘Our vision for the Federation of Boldmere schools is to empower all children to embrace learning, achieve their best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being.’


The Boldmere Federation work closely together to provide a seamless blend of education which develops the whole child throughout their primary education journey.


Trust and teamwork between the two schools is an important factor in our success. For example, leaders at all levels collaborate and work together where appropriate to provide effective transitions; build upon and share outstanding practice in both key stages and to ensure safeguarding is rigorous and shared between the schools. For this reason, we have one SENDco who works within both schools; planned joint SLT meetings and bespoke joint CPD opportunities.


We are committed to offering a fully inclusive education for all children, by this we mean equity of education in terms of access to the curriculum and ensuring that children of all level and ability are supported and challenged to achieve all of which they are capable.


In addition to our mainstream provision, we also have the Boldmere Inclusion Base where staff have the expertise, knowledge and skills required for children with Autism. Children from the base spend regular scheduled time, if appropriate, in mainstream classes.


We see the separate Infant and Junior schools as a strength, providing a real opportunity for us to provide specialist and context specific education for children in the two different settings. For this reason our curriculum statements are separate although both are underpinned with the same vision, values and rights.


Our schools are situated in a strong community with a wealth of experiences, opportunities and varied locations and we aim to utilise and explore these to enrich our curriculum offer, such as: Boldmere high street, right on our door step; Sutton park - one of the largest urban nature reserves in Europe; The Royal town of Sutton Coldfield with its historical buildings and Birmingham City - an important manufacturing and engineering centre with more canals than Venice!


We want our children to thrive and have the best start to their formal education in the infant school, to then build on this and broaden their learning in the junior school so that they are fully prepared for the exciting challenges of KS3.