Welcome to Reception!


Starting School September 2022

We are really looking forward to meeting you all! To help you get ready for your new class, we have created this page with some information to help with starting school. 

Miss B Cormell

Class Teacher and Year Lead

Mrs J Illidge

Class Teacher

Mrs C Wheeler

Class Teacher

Mrs L Rawson

Class Teacher

Mrs C Lucas

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Ankers

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Davies

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Kilbryde

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D McDonald

Teaching Assistant


Reception Classes 2022-23

Hedgehogs Class with Miss Cormell and Mrs Lucas (RB)

Robins Class with Mrs Illidge, Mrs Ankers and Mrs Davies (RI)

Rabbits Class with Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Kilbryde (RW)


The Classrooms

Your teachers have been very busy organising and creating exciting classrooms for you ready for September! Have a look below to have a little peek at your classroom for next year. There might be a few changes over the summer before you start! We can’t wait to see you all in your new classrooms.


Hedgehogs (RB) with Miss Cormell and Mrs Lucas



Robins (RI) with Mrs Illidge, Mrs Ankers and Mrs Davies



Rabbits (RW) with Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Kilbryde 


The Quad

Take a look below to see some photographs of our amazing outdoor area - the quad! 


Reception Summer Checklist

We have created a summer checklist with some ideas you might want to do over the summer so that you are prepared for starting school in September. 

Reception Summer Checklist

Top 100 Recommended Reads for Reception



Information for Parents

New Reception 2022-23


Additional Documents and Information