Year 6 Home Learning Resources

Welcome to Year 6’s home learning page. Below are some suggested activities and resources and a suggested timetable that you can follow or select activities from. This is not compulsory and the activities we have provided below are simply suggestions. We do not expect you to follow and complete each activity, so please feel free to pick and complete any of the activities as you wish to do so.

Year Six Timetable/Suggested Activities

Please find Year 6’s knowledge organiser and jigsaw for the Summer 1 term – Exploring Antarctica – below:

Year 6 Jigsaw - Summer 1

Knowledge Organiser Summer 1 - Exploring Antarctica


Please remember to tweet us what you have been doing; we love seeing what you're doing at home!


Remember that the following learning can occur daily, to support you as much as possible within the parameters of the year 6 curriculum:

  • CGP Books – You should continue to use your CGP books to support your learning in SPaG, Maths and Reading and to use self-assessment judgements to improve on areas of weaknesses.
  • TES 15 + 1 (see link below) – This programme contains a range of both arithmetic and reasoning problems, questions and SATS papers which will support you to improve your maths skills. All answers can be found on this programme as well as YouTube tutorials to support any misconceptions.

    Year 6 Sats Maths Revision

You can also continue to develop your learning by using these websites:

  • Mathletics
  • Times Table Rockstars
  • Spelling Shed


Also, continue to read your library book(s) as well as additional books at home. Before you start a new book, use the front cover and blurb and think about: any predictions you can make; which information you can see that will give you clues about the story and what you can deduce from the information provided



Home Learning – 11.05.2020

Year 6 Reading and Writing Focus Tasks

Alternatively, download the Reading and Writing tasks in a PDF file by clicking here: Dragon Slayer activities


Dragon Slayer

For the following reading and writing tasks, please follow this link to watch the video: Dragon Slayer

This is the context of the video:

In a time when dragons threatened mankind, there was only one man who fought against them all.  His name is Tarragon and riding on his brave battle horse Black Bull, he is on his way to work. But things don't always turn out as they should…and one day.


Reading Task

  1. At the start of the video, which tool is the man using to make a weapon?
  2. Pause the video at 1:13 (this is where the title comes up). The main character is called Tarragon and his horse is Black Bull. Make a prediction about where you think they are going and what they are going to do. Remember to use words like because to justify and explain why you think this.

Pause the video at 2:08.

  1. Both questions 3 and 4 will relate to the paused video.
  1. Write down 3 different emotions that you think Tarragon will feel when he first sees the dragon. Justify and explain why you think he will feel these emotions.
  2. Explain how Tarragon and Black Bull’s emotions and actions differ at this point in the video. Why do you think this might be?


  1. Prediction: On Tarragon’s shield we see a tally. What do you think this is relating to?

Continue watching the video:

Pause the video at 3:07. Both questions 5 and 6 will relate to the paused video.

  1. What do you think is causing the fire to come from the bush?


  1. How do you think Tarragon feels when he discovers what is finding in the bush? How do you think this differs from how he will feel for question 3a?


  1. Pause the video at 4:34. Why do you think the horse refuses to move? Explain why you think this.


  1. Pause the video at 5:51. Why do you think the dragon imitates Tarragon?


  1. Do you think Tarragon will continue slaying dragons in the future?
    Yes or No – Choose one and give three different justifications. Use evidence from the video to support your argument.


  1. For the following statements, say whether they are true or false. For any false statements, please write the correct statement:
  • Tarragon has blonde hair
  • The baby dragon grabs Tarragon on the arm
  • Tarragon has spikes on his right shoulder
  • There are four baby dragons


Writing Activities


Character Description

Can you write a character description of Tarragon, Black Bull or the Dragon? You can choose to write about one character or all three if you wish to! Remember this is writing to inform and entertain, so use lots of figurative language to paint a vivid image in the reader’s head of what you character looks like! Here, you can use lots of well thought-up similes and metaphors. Also, mention how you character behaves and any personality traits you can think of.


Retell the story

Write a description of how Tarragon defeated the dragon in either first or third person. Remember to keep this consistent throughout your piece of writing though. Try to use short sentences to build up suspense and tensions. Also, try include ‘show, not tell sentences’ to allow the reader a greater insight as to what the characters are thinking!

Challenge – Write from either Tarragon or the dragon’s point of view. Think about bias will be different depending upon whom you write as. Alternatively, you can do this from both character’s point of view and then compare how their version of the same event will differ!



Write a set of instructions for either how to look after a dragon or how to capture a dragon. Remember to use imperative (bossy) verbs. What do you think would be necessary to either look after or capture a dragon? You will have to use your imagination here!


Write a Prequel or Sequel


Prequel – This happens before the original story.

This is at the start of the video; it might help you to think of ideas!

Questions to ponder to help you:

  • What do you think happened before this video happened?
  • Why do you think Tarragon dislikes dragons so much?
  • Has anything happened to Tarragon to build up this dislike of dragons?
  • How did Tarragon and Black Bull meet/team up?


Sequel – This will follow on from the Dragon Slayer video. What do you think will happen next?

Questions to ponder to help you:

  • How will Tarragon’s people react to him brining dragons back?
  • Will Tarragon return home?
  • Will Tarragon encounter any problems trying to raise the dragons?
  • Do you think the dragons will respect/obey Tarragon?
  • How might Black Bull react to Tarragon having a new animal to accompany him on journeys?


Persuasive Writing

Write an advert, asking people to adopt or sponsor a dragon. This will be similar to what the RSPCA do for pets. Don’t forget to use persuasive language in your writing and language features such as rhetorical questions.


Newspaper Report

Write the events of the story as a newspaper article. Remember to inform the reader about what happened in the story and you can choose your own layout!

Challenge – Include quotes, using correct speech punctuation!


Use the Year 6 punctuation mat to help you: Year 6 - Punctuation Mat




Reading at home


Junior Book Club

Don’t forget that you can watch some of your teachers reading class novels three times a week. Check your parent mail for the logins to our reading YouTube channel.  Mrs Eccles is reading Matilda. Miss Pipkin is reading The Creakers. Mrs Mutch is reading Malamander. Mr Hill is reading The Explorer. Mr Uppal is reading Harry Potter. Mr Roberts and Mrs Welch are reading a variety of children’s bedtime stories and Ms Keight is reading Mr Stink.



We have added the junior home learning page. This is a fantastic free resource, which we signposted you to a few weeks ago as it links to Accelerated Reader, which we use in school. It provides digital versions of over 7000 books and 5 daily news articles for pupils of all ages and abilities. There is also the option for books and articles to be read aloud to the children, ambitious vocabulary is highlighted and there is a link to an online dictionary. The benefits of daily reading are huge: young people that read daily are 4 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age compared with those that do not read daily. Children can carry out their Accelerated Reader quizzes at home (you must use the link on the website to access the site).

There are also a variety of virtual reading ebooks on the Oxford Owl website, which you might choose to use .


Additional reading resources, such as recommended reads for ages 7-9 and 9-11 and Book Bingo for stories, text types and authors can be found here: Reading Resources


The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club

Our new class novel is called The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club, which is written by Alex Bell. You can complete these tasks based on our new class novel:

Front Cover - Infer, Predict, Wonder - Use the front cover to note down what you can see, what it makes you wonder and any predictions you can make.

Book Blurb - Now read the blurb. Do any of your ideas change now that you have been presented with new information?


The Polar Bear Explorer's Club Activities - This document contains question prompts for each chapter as well as other activities. Use this if reading with your child to help you ask them questions about the story.


Crest Design - Design your very own crest for your own Explorers Club!

Drawing Activity - Draw the castle that the children discover!


If you so wish to, you can complete the following reading comprehension tasks. Please click on the task below to access them:

Year 6 - Reading Comprehension Pack


Accelerated Reader

Use the following instructions to help you access Accelerated Reader, where you can read a wide range of books and complete quizzes once you have finished the books.

All details and login information can be found below:

Accelerated Reader Access Information


Maths Home Learning

Times Table Rockstar Inter-Schools Competition! 6/5 - 22/5

Over the next 2 weeks, we would like you to log on to Rockstars and help your school battle against other schools in our Top of the Rocks Competition.


White Rose daily learning

Lessons do not need to be done daily but are there to assist any home learning you choose to do. This will be updated as soon as more become available to us. 

You can access lessons here:

And the corresponding worksheets and answers here:

(School has a Premium subscription so you do not need to get your own.)

Important notes:

  • You do not need to complete the tasks each day but please do not ‘skip ahead’ to the next step as they build on from each other.
  • You may choose to recap your learning from a previous year, however it is vital that you do not move onto the next year group’s learning. Instead, visit for Greater Depth challenges.

Each lesson includes a video, activity and answers. Please tweet us any of your fantastic work! Again, please recap your learning by looking back at previous year group’s lessons.

Other resources - Mathletics and Times Table Rockstar



Please see the following document to help you with some ideas and activities whilst working at home with your children.

Computing Ideas – Use this link



PE Home Learning Opportunities - Use this link

Use this document to find a wide range of PE activities you can do with your child, ranging from:

  • REAL PE workouts
  • Workouts
  • Dance
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Movement and Mindfulness
  • Cooking (Nutrition)



Please follow this link to find a range of fun Science experiments:

Super Science Fun Activities



Archived Home Learning


Year 6 Reading and Writing Focus Tasks

Y6 Reading and Writing tasks - 27.04.2020



Y6 Maths Task - 27/04/2020



Please use these documents to complete Art and DT tasks based on Antarctica:

Antarctica Artwork - Practise your art skills by drawing an animal or a landscape from the southern continent of Antarctica.

Sledging Biscuits Recipe! - Make your very own biscuits by following the recipe! 

Sledging Biscuits PPT - Information about Sledging Biscuits.



Year 6 Reading and Writing Focus Tasks

Y6 Reading and Writing Focus Task - 31.03.2020



If you so wish to, you can complete the following two reading comprehension tasks. Please click on the task below:

Charles Darwin Reading Comprehension Activity

Worst Jobs For Kids Reading Comprehension Activity


Accelerated Reader

Use the following instructions to help you access Accelerated Reader, where you can read a wide range of books and complete quizzes once you have finished the books.

All details and login information can be found below:

Accelerated Reader Access Information


Year 6 White Rose Summer 1 Worksheets



Please follow this link to find a range of fun Science activities based around our topic of Evolution:

Y6 Science Activities - Evolution


Please click here for a potential timetable you could follow to help structure your week:

Y6 Home Learning Activities


This letter can also be used to find a list of useful websites to support your learning:

Home Learning Letter