Boldmere Inclusion Base


About Us

Boldmere Inclusion Base (BIB) provides additional provision within a mainstream setting. We have three classes which supports primary aged children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC.) Our passionate and dedicated teaching staff provide a bespoke curriculum to meet each individual child's needs. The children also have access to a sensory room and three specific outdoor areas to support their sensory needs. We also have our own speech and language therapist and a specialist sports coach from West Bromwich Albion. 

Admissions to the Resource Base are entirely separate from places in the main school, and are made through Birmingham's Special Educational Needs Admissions Team (SENAR).



The BIB specific curriculum is based upon the primary needs of the children and will evolve alongside the children and the expansion of the cohort. The BIB curriculum will support the children to access learning in the mainstream school and has two strands - intervention and integration. The final goal for each child is to be able to access part or all of the curriculum successfully within the mainstream school. 


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Curriculum Implementation

Intervention - We use a range of structured intervention programmes such as Fun Friends, Language Link, Talkabout and Lego Therapy. These interventions have been suggested by external agencies, such as the Educational Psychology Service, Communication and Autism Team and Speech and Language Therapists, as effective to meet the specific needs of the BIB pupils. 

Everyday interventions will include visual timetables, Makaton, now and next boards, task boards, sensory and movement breaks, sensory toys, individual workstations, pre and post tutoring, cooperation games, unstructured time choices and independent life skills.

Integration - Integration timetables will be individual to each child. Each transition will start with a point of interest for a child, such as Science, Art or PE. From there the child will develop and build relationships with mainstream peers and staff. Once understanding and communication have been established, the BIB pupil can progressively integrate into their mainstream class using and applying strategies and learning that have been developed one to one or in small groups within the BIB. 

Alongside the integration timetable, meetings will happen between the BIB staff, mainstream staff, parents and child.