School Uniform and PE Kit

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Our school colours are navy and sky blue and our uniform is:

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers
  • Navy sweatshirt/knitwear
  • Blue polo shirt
  • Blue check/stripe dress
  • Grey/White socks
  • Waterproof dark coloured shoes

Navy sweatshirts and sky blue polo shirts embroidered with our school logo are available from Clive Mark or Tesco (online ordering only

Jeans, trainers or fashion shoes and boots must not be worn at school.

PE kit

All children change for PE.  Reception children change to a vest or white T-shirt, tight-fitting blue shorts and black pumps. 

Year One and Two children change to a white T-shirt and tight-fitting blue shorts with black pumps.

For PE, children should not wear any jewellery for obvious safety reasons.  If there is a specific religious requirement that will make this impossible, a letter should be sent to the headteacher.


Key Stage 2

We ask that parents send children to school wearing the items of uniform detail below:

  • School sweatshirt with badge, or navy blue jumper (v-necked), or navy blue cardigan
  • Pale blue shirt/blouse
  • Blue polo shirt with collar in summer
  • Grey trousers/grey or navy skirt/ pinafore
  • School tie (optional)
  • A blue & white check dress is optional summer wear

Children must not wear jeans.  Trainers and fashion shoes and boots are not acceptable footwear.

Uniform displaying the school badge can be purchased from Clive Marks (Boldmere), or through the Tesco uniform website (please clink on this link to gain access:


P.E. & Games Kit

  • Plain white ‘T’ shirt
  • Navy or white shorts for P.E.
  • Navy games skirt (for games only – not P.E.)
  • A change of socks
  • Trainers or pumps
  • Track suits are permitted in very cold weather
  • One piece swimming costume (girls)
  • Trunks (boys) – not swim shorts please

Pupils in Y4, 5 and 6 will go swimming for a block during the academic year. You will be advised in advance when your child’s class will be swimming.

Please, for your own and your child’s benefit, ensure that all items of uniform and P.E. kit are clearly named.  Un-named lost property is only kept in school for a very short time.

Jewellery and Valuable Items in School -

Pupils must not bring valuable items to school. Teachers cannot accept responsibility for any items of value

Which may be lost or damaged. Pupils in year six may request permission to bring a mobile phone to school, by filling in a form, if, for example, they are walking home independently. These forms are available from the school office. Mobile phones must be turned off and handed into the school office at the beginning of the school day and collected at the end of the school day by your child.

This facility is usually offered to year 6 children who walk home alone.

We are aware that some phones are very expensive and we take this opportunity to advise parents/guardians that we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage.

Pupils should not wear jewellery to school. Neck chains, rings and earrings are hazardous to wearers when they get caught up in clothing in games lessons, PE lessons and on the playground. Only studs in pierced ears may be

worn. We ask that children do not wear watches, rings or ear – rings on PE/Games or swimming days.

Any pupil wishing to do so must accept responsibility for them.

Hair -

All long hair must be tied back.This helps us to keep control of the spread of head-lice between our pupils.

Nail Varnish -

We ask that children do not wear nail varnish or false nails for school.