Geography at Boldmere Junior School

Curriculum Design Statement


We want to inspire our pupils to think like Geographers and to be actively engaged with the world they live in.

Our Geography curriculum aims to appreciate and reflect the diverse people, places and environments that occupy our planet whilst remaining current and reflective of the wonderful and challenging aspects of the world we live in.

As part of being a Geographer at Boldmere Junior School, children have opportunities to explore the local area through well-planned field trips.


Geography is taught as a discrete subject, the objectives for which are drawn from our carefully constructed progression map based on the Grammarsaurus scheme of work.  Grammarsaurus provides a progressive and systematic approach to covering the National curriculum whilst also offering local Birmingham studies and fieldwork units. Planning provides subject specific support for class teachers and gives opportunities for pupils to reflect regularly on their learning.

Our curriculum is designed to deepen pupils’ understanding of Earth’s key human and physical resources and supports the pupils to develop contextual knowledge, understand geographical processes and grow in competency in the geographical skills.

Purposeful links across the curriculum provide opportunities for children to make connections within their learning, e.g. between History and Science topics. Retrieval strategies, such as ‘let’s recap’ and stop and jot, are utilised to help children know and remember more.






  • Children  have the opportunity to make connections between curriculum subjects to support their learning of key concepts for example: land use and natural resources and how this links with settlements in History. These are deliberately planned links and not left to chance. 
  • Children actively engage with the local community and explore their local area e.g.Y3 Boldmere high street land use study through the use of questionnaires. 
  • Children have a growing knowledge of the world and their place within it.


Useful websites: - Interesting and current geography news and information. – BBC Geography. Resources, links and activities.