History Curriculum Design Statement


At Boldmere, we want our children to develop a passion and love of history. We want history to ignite their natural curiosity of their own personal history of who they are and of the world around them. We aim for our pupils to develop their historical vocabulary skills and know more about the past, making links to the present time and to consider how this could impact the future. We believe it is important for children to have a breadth of opportunities to explore history through a combination of images, experiences, artefacts and sources.  We believe that History helps pupils to understand the process of change, the diversity of societies, as well as their own identity and the challenges of the present.  We want our children to make links between history and other areas of the curriculum.


We want our historians to:

  • Ask perceptive questions and develop deeper thinking
  • Think critically,
  • Weigh and synthesise evidence,
  • Analyse and examine historical perspectives
  • Forming and justifying own ideas


Curriculum Implementation

Our history curriculum builds on prior knowledge from our federated infant school. We use the national curriculum as the skeleton and then from this have built a progression map which ensures sequencing of skills and building on prior learning.  The progression map is used by year groups to plan and link history with other subjects. These are then linked under an umbrella topic. We have carefully considered the systematic development of knowledge and skills to support children in having a secure chronological knowledge of British, local and world history. Knowledge organisers and vocabulary sheets for topics are used to share subject specific vocabulary or ideas prior to the learning. We have some rich opportunities within our surrounding areas to make links and engage in local history, such as: Sutton Park, a Roman Road and Cadbury World.

We created our progression map by looking carefully at the statutory National Curriculum and identifying the key historical skills and knowledge within this.  We then identified what we would expect a child to achieve at the end of each year.  This is based on what would be expected at an age-related level.

We engage our children in history by using artefact’s, role play, stories, research, video clips, visitors and experiences. We use history as a great way to develop home school links with exciting homework projects.  We aim to deliver lessons which provide opportunities for children to think deeper, form calculated arguments and participate in debates.



We aim for the children to continue their historical learning journey, to understand links between different subject areas. We believe that history is integral to understanding and celebrating who you are and where you came from. We want our children to be passionate to learn and be curious about the world around them and how the past can influence the future. Emphasis is placed on analytical thinking and questioning which helps pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.



Here is a small collection of history lessons taught during Autumn 2020.


Year 3

Year 3 DT/History-Making felt hieroglyphics as part of our topic on Ancient Egypt

Year 3 writing. Howard Carter finding King Tutankhamun’s Tomb.

3K designing their Egyptian Canopic jars out of clay

3U designing their Egyptian Canopic jars out of clay

3H designing their Egyptian Canopic jars out of clay

3K  painting their Egyptian Canopic jars

3U painting their Egyptian canopic jars

Year 3 writing non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt

Year 4


Year 4 designing and testing out their Roman shields

4B proudly showing their completed Roman shields


Year 5

Remembrance Day poppies linking with the local community.

Year 5 Remembrance Day.



History Day

3K sharing their historical research and outfits

3U sharing their historical research and outfits

3H research and projects

4W sharing their historical research and outfits

History Day link to photos

5PJ sharing their historical research and outfits

5E sharing their historical research and outfits

5P-Can you guess who we are?

6J sharing their historical research and outfits


Remembrance Day 2020

Whole school virtual assembly

Year 5 Remembrance Day.


Black History 2020

Year 3 - Black History

5PJ inspired by Martin Luther King

5E inspired by Martin Luther King

Year 4 created artwork inspired BY Bernard Hoyes

Year 6 learning about Ruby Bridges


History Day

On 6th November 2020, we held a very successful ‘History Day’. Pupils had the opportunity to dress up as a famous historical figure after completing their research. As ever, the pupils looked amazing and there were many fantastic costumes. There was a mix of Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, Neil Armstrong, Queen Victoria, Mary Anning, and Michael Jordon, to name but a few.

Enjoy a selection of photos from our ‘History Day' below:


Black History Month 2020


Cbeebies story time-Floella Benjamin’s winrush tale. Coming to England





Black History Sites BBC Teach




This story is the future-BBC Sport celebrates Black History Month. (2 mins long)



Promoting Successful Runners

Clip- A great Finish-Kitatta wins men’s London Marathon after amazing sprint.



Let us talk about Black History Cbeebies



Ella Fitzgerald - Black History Month Read Aloud for Kids



Black History Month BBC




What does History look like at Boldmere Junior School?







Useful Websites

BBC History. Resources, links and activities on history topics.


Teaching History with 100 objects- British Museum