Music Curriculum

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Curriculum Design for Music


At Boldmere, our broad and rich Music curriculum aims to empower children to freely explore and experiment within an inclusive environment. Children can formulate, express and discuss their opinions of music, without the constraints of right or wrong answers. We aim to capture our children’s enthusiasm and offer children a wide range of experiences and opportunities to ignite a spark to further develop life-long musical interests. We are committed to providing a wealth of experience for children, including: listening to and appraising music, acquiring a progressively sophisticated bank of musical vocabulary, performing in solo and group contexts and developing their skills to play and compose with a range of instruments. All of these skills should be acquired while developing an understanding of the wider context – the history of music. The purpose of our music curriculum is not only to create a new generation of musicians, but also, a new generation of critical thinkers, listeners and performers.


The core of our curriculum is the National Curriculum, and we have built upon this to enable us to match our music provision to our context, children’s needs and creative curriculum, enabling children a different insight into music. We have devised our own progression map, which builds upon the foundations created at the Federated Infants school. The progression map provides a solid structure, giving sequence and progression of skills and understanding. The progression map is designed to enable cross-curricular teaching and learning in all year groups and runs alongside the music scheme, ‘Charanga’. This scheme is used as a tool to facilitate the teaching and learning of music, and enables our class teachers to access subject knowledge, links with a wide range of instruments and music genres. Consequently, they are able to deliver consistently high quality music lessons, even for those without subject specialism.

Our music curriculum has a focus on bringing music into the wider curriculum. Within each year group, children focus on developing a cross curricular production which incorporates solo and ensemble singing. All children learn a range of musical instruments throughout their school journey, and alongside, develop an understanding of the history of music.

We enhance our music provision with opportunities including, Young Voices, peripatetic music lessons, musical performances, visits to local churches, music workshops and whole school singing assemblies. Our dedication to inspire our children’s love for music is also evident through the development of our bespoke music room. This enables children to have access to a wide range of musical instruments resulting in further Greater Depth opportunities.


Children will have experienced a holistic and inclusive music provision where they can develop their interest and talent in music. They will leave us as expressive and creative composers and listeners, with a love and an appreciation of music. Many of our children will go on to continue their musical skills in further education and beyond.


Music at Boldmere Junior School

The links beneath this table allow you to view our Music Progression Map and each year group’s knowledge organiser. The knowledge organisers identify and define each year group’s vocabulary, which you can also see below.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

beat, rhythm, pulse, tempo, dynamics, composer, pitch, structure, compose, lyrics

crochets, minims, crotchet rests, duration, timbre, unison


semibreves, canon, stave, expression, piano, forte

quavers, pianissimo, fortissimo, largo, moderato, allegro

semiquavers, crescendo, diminuendo, accelerando, ritardando, polyphonic, monophonic

Progression Map

Knowledge Organisers


Musical Experiences

The children at Boldmere Junior School are very lucky to experience a wide range of musical opportunities at school. Here are a few examples of the musical experiences that we have enjoyed. 


Assembly Performances

Each week in assembly, we have two children (1 from LKS2 and 1 from UKS2) to perform. This is one of the ways, here at Boldmere Junior School, we celebrate our wonderful musicians! We have experienced an array of wonderful performances, including: singers, guitarists, flutists, and drummers.  

To watch the full video, please follow the link:

To watch the full video, please follow the link: 


Boldmere children have many opportunities to perform on stage through their school journey. In Year 3, children perform in the ‘Singing Showcase’; Year 4 have the exciting job of the Christmas production; Year 5 have the Easter production and Year 6 end their journey with their End of Year production. In addition to these, each class perform in their class assembly which usually has a link to music, through singing as an ensemble or with some musical instrument performances. 

The Inn Crowd (December 2021)

A huge well done to the Year 4’s for doing a brilliant job of performing their Christmas production, The Inn Crowd, in front of both live and virtual audiences! They sang and acted their hearts out!


To see more photos, please follow the link:

Peripatetic Music Lessons

At Boldmere Junior School, children have the opportunity to participate in peripatetic music lessons. They can learn to play a range of different musical instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, flute and brass. Our wonderful music teachers not only teach the children how to play the musical instrument, but also give them the opportunity to work through the graded musical exams, and to perform in a solo and ensemble context.

Check out this superb performance from one of the children who has been having brass lessons throughout his time at Boldmere Junior School! Click the link to watch.

Our Music Curriculum

During music lessons in school, the children at Boldmere Junior School learn how to sing, play tuned instruments (ukuleles, glockenspiels and recorders), play un-tuned instruments (percussion instruments, such as hand drums), and perform to and with others. The children get the opportunity to learn how to read musical notation, while exploring the skills of improvisation and composition. Furthermore, the children experience listening to a wide range of music, exploring a plethora of genres, both recorded and live, all whilst being encouraged to appraise the music they listen to. 

Look at all these exciting Music lessons! 

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Toscana Strings Concert

In January, the children of Boldmere Junior School were lucky enough to watch a performance of The Snowman by Toscana Strings. Toscana Strings are an award winning string quartet with double bass who put on an awe-inspiring performance for the children.

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