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Curriculum Design for Music


Music at Boldmere is led by a passionate musician determined to give all children the best opportunities for a broad and rich musical experience. Children arrive at Boldmere Junior School with varying musical experiences; we aim to capture all of our children's enthusiasm, offering them a wide range of experiences and opportunities. The ultimate aim is to spark a life-long interest in music within our inclusive culture, where all children can communicate through the arguably universal language.

As part of our Boldmere Pledge, every child at Boldmere Junior School is given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. When children get into Year 4 and have settled into the Juniors school, they are taught (by a specialist) to play a musical instrument through the Birmingham Music Service's 'Whole Class Instrumental Teaching' programme. The children can choose to continue learning to play that instrument in Year 5 and 6 through peripatetic lessons.

We are committed to providing a wealth of experience for children to enjoy listening to and appraising music; acquiring a musical vocabulary; performing in solo and group contexts and developing their skills to play and compose with a range of instruments, whilst developing an understanding of the history of music.


The National Curriculum is at the core of Boldmere’s Music curriculum. We have personalised the curriculum to enable us to match our music provision to our context, children’s needs and creative curriculum, enabling children a different insight into music. We have devised our own progression map that provides a solid structure, giving sequence and progression of skills and understanding. The progression map is designed to enable cross-curricular teaching and learning in all year groups and runs alongside the music scheme, ‘Charanga’. This scheme enables our class teachers to access subject knowledge and links with a wide range of instruments and music genres. Consequently, teachers are able to deliver consistently high quality music lessons, regardless of subject specialism.

Our music curriculum has a focus on bringing music into the wider curriculum. Within each year group, children focus on developing a cross curricular production which incorporates solo and ensemble singing. All children learn to play a range of musical instruments alongside developing an understanding of the history of music.

As well as this, all children in Year 4 are given the opportunity to take part in Whole Class Instrumental Teaching provided by Birmingham’s Music Service, in which they participate in weekly holistic lessons.

We enhance our music provision with opportunities including: Young Voices, peripatetic music lessons, music clubs, musical performances, visits to local churches and whole school singing assemblies. Each week, we have a Musician of the Week, who the children listen to and learn about through our assemblies. This allows our children to discover a range of genres, as well as providing cultural representation of our increasingly diverse school community. Our dedication to inspire our children’s love for music is also evident through the development of our bespoke music room. This enables children to have access to a wide range of musical instruments resulting in further Greater Depth opportunities.


Children will have experienced a holistic and inclusive music provision where they can develop their interest and talent in music. They will leave us as expressive and creative composers and listeners, with a love and an appreciation of music. Many of our children will go on to continue their musical skills in further education and beyond.


Music at Boldmere Junior School

The links beneath this table allow you to view our Music Progression Map and each year group’s knowledge organiser. The knowledge organisers identify and define each year group’s vocabulary, which you can also see below.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

beat, rhythm, pulse, tempo, dynamics, composer, pitch, structure, compose, lyrics

crochets, minims, crotchet rests, duration, timbre, unison


semibreves, canon, stave, expression, piano, forte

quavers, pianissimo, fortissimo, largo, moderato, allegro

semiquavers, crescendo, diminuendo, accelerando, ritardando, polyphonic, monophonic

Progression Map

Knowledge Organisers

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