In order to provide Good and Outstanding teaching for all of our pupils, in each and every lesson there will be:

Clear Learning Objectives

A Success Criteria will be shared or will be developed with the pupils. It is vital that all pupils understand what their learning must look like in order for them to be successful.

The Success Criteria will be referred to throughout the lesson in order for the class teacher to re-shape the lesson and to intervene with specific groups or individual children, if required.

All pupils will know why they are learning a specific skill and how this new skill will be used in future lessons.

Important vocabulary is shared and referred to.

Independent tasks are differentiated in order to support less able pupils and to challenge more able pupils.

In the Plenary, the pupils’ work is measured against the Success Criteria.

Comments in the children’s books are used to move pupils forward in their learning. All pupils are expected to respond and act upon the teacher’s comments and questions.

Enquiry-based learning approaches are used to develop children’s thinking and understanding.