Please follow the link below to access support for children at home with additional learning needs:


Sensory and Physical:

Handwriting Development

Shape copying early Handwriting Skills

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Home Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skill Development 

Cutting Templates

Games & Activities to Help Develop Spatial Awareness

Children’s Occupational Therapy  - Spatial Awareness

Sensory and Physical Parent Support

1st Move for Gross and Fine Motor skill

Sensory Motor Circuits - A Sensory Motor Skills Programme for Children



Social Emotional and Mental Health:

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Parent advice and resources links

Advice-on-the-Coronavirus - easy read

Pandemics and the Coronavirus my story by Carol Gray

Corona Virus Social Story

The Happy News

Home Schedule and Now and Next Board

My I can Journal

Visual Timetable Home Learning 1

Visual Timetable Home Learning 2

Visual Timetable Home Learning 3

Visual Timetable Home Learning 4

Why am I not at School Social story

Workstations ideas


Communication and Interaction


Please see link below for COVID19 advice for parents from Communication and Autism Team (CAT):


Communication and Autism Team (CAT) - COVID 19 Advice For Parents


Sensory Story Telling for Special Learners

Week 1 - It will be okay, Mae


Please use the following links to help support your child at home:,0,0,0,0


SEND Home Learning Communication and Understanding

Second Level Speech and Language Home Activities

Teaching Basic Concepts

Working Memory

Guess my Snowman

Guess my Monster

Activities to Develop Expressive Language Skills 

Barrier Game - Do you see what I see?

What Are Basic Concepts?

Communication Cookbook Activities and Advice - Speech and Language

Different Ways of Following Instructions

Early Level Speech and Language Home Activities

First Level Speech and Language activities

How to communicate with children who have unclear speech



Useful websites and resources 


Cognition and Learning:

SEND Support EHCP Home Learning Cognition and Learning

At Home with Maths 5 - 7

At Home with Phonics 5 - 7

At Home with Spellings 5 - 7

At Home with Times Tables 5 - 7

Blank Level of Questions for Reading Comprehension

Build a Sentence

Three Little Frogs Sitting on a Well

Counting in School

Fractions in School


Sight words


Four operation maths game. Mental maths train


Hit the button maths game


Coconut multiples


Guardians. Defenders of Mathematica


Ordering and sequencing numbers


Place value


Maths fluency to 100


Addition to 10


Place value basketball


Subtraction within 10


Measuring in cm


Robot addition


Karate Cats SPAG